UK to Distribute Test Kits to Detect Coronavirus in 15 Minutes


The British government announced in a statement that they would sell test kits in pharmacies. These kits will only be available in the next few days.

The only thing the world has been talking about recently is coronavirus (Covid-19), which causes countries to take large-scale measures. Covid-19, an infectious virus that we have not encountered before, continues to infect more people, especially with the insufficiency of diagnostic kits.

Britain, who wanted to say a stop to this situation, announced that the test kits that could detect the coronavirus in 15 minutes will be distributed to all British people. In the announcement by the Director of the Public Health Agency (PHE) of England, tests will be sold in pharmacies until next week. Sharon Peacock, Director of the PHE National Infection Service, said that the tests will be distributed to the whole community, after initially being approved by parliamentarians on the science and technology committee.

Millions of Test Kits Taken
British Health Secretary Matt Hancock said in a speech he made yesterday that the government has received millions of coronavirus test kits and is about to order millions more.

Blood is taken from the finger and the test is done
In 15-minute rapid tests, a small blood is taken from your finger. The test checks for increased IGG antibodies in the body’s response to the virus to detect Covid-19. Accordingly, it is understood whether the coronavirus has entered the body before. Peacock said test kits will be available within days, not weeks or months.

All World Pursuit of Kits
One of the most important issues to restrain the coronavirus epidemic that has reached the pandemic level is to do as many tests as possible, but governments have serious problems in this regard due to the lack of test kits. It is thought that the production of this type of test kits will be increased in the fastest way during these periods when the world has become a mobilization.


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