UK Campaigns on YouTube and TikTok to Vaccinate Young People


UK Department of Health and Welfare announced this morning (21), on its website, that the British government has partnered with major social media platforms (Snapchat, Reddit, TikTok and YouTube) to encourage the country’s youth to get the coronavirus vaccine.

The aim of the campaign is to engage young people in vaccination against the coronavirus. On its website, the UK government disclosed some of the initiatives carried out in partnership with social networks, ranging from lectures to filters encouraging the use of immunizing agents.


The most comprehensive campaign is being that of YouTube, which also involves the use of billboards, bus stops, among others. Called “Let’s Not Go Back”, the play is aimed at young people from 18 to 34 years old. Videos of personal experiences during the last year of blocking will be shown.

Criticized for helping to spread fake news, it seems that YouTube decided to redeem itself in high style, and has already announced the removal of 900,000 videos from covid-19 deemed inappropriate. The idea of ​​”not backtracking” will materialize in videos of concerts and other activities that will be possible after the pandemic, according to the platform’s UK director, Ben McOwen Wilson.


Reddit, in turn, will include in its well-attended interviews with the Ask Me Anything (AmA) subreddit the presence of several experts. One of the confirmed names is dr. Amalina Bakri, known as one of the most brilliant students in the world, who now divides herself between an internship as a general surgeon and a research assignment at Imperial College London.


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