Is That an UFO Confession from the Pentagon?


The US Navy confirmed the existence of footage, one in 2004 and the other in 2015, claiming to be a retired pilot UFO. After the removal of the confidentiality of the images published by the navy, the aircraft seen in the video “Unidentified Air Phenomenon” as described.

The first image was taken on November 14, 2004 by the camera of the F-18 fighter jet. The second and third videos are from January 21, 2015. In one of the three images released by the US Navy, a moving target on which infrared sensors are locked is accelerating, leaving the radar on the left side of the screen so suddenly that it can no longer be located.

The other two images of 2015 include audio recordings of US fighter pilots. The sound recording of the images reveals that the pilots are trying to understand what the object is. In the sound recording, one of the pilots first uses the word one drone için for the flying object, saying that the object they cannot identify moves fast against the wind.

Speaking to CNN, US Navy spokesman Joe Gradisher described the object in three images as Hava Unidentified Air Cases ”. He said that the purpose of the US Navy’s transparency on images is to encourage trained pilots to report objects and situations that they see at the airspace and threaten their safety.

A navy spokesman said the footage showed only a portion of the situations frequently observed in the airspace during navy training. US Navy spokesman Joe Gradisher said, “For many years our aviators have not reported these situations because of the stamp attached to the terminology used for what could or could not be seen in the images. The only way to find out what these unidentified aircrafts are is to let the trained pilots know when they encounter this situation..

Pentagon confirmed footage but didn’t say UFO

The US Navy spokesperson, who sent a written statement to CNN and NBC, confirmed that the images said to be related to cases of UFOs and published on the internet contain images of unidentified air ”. However, the spokesman said the US Navy did not know exactly what the objects in the image were.

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The group called To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences, which makes researches about the UFO that brings the images in question. The group says the 2004 image was taken from the US aircraft carrier USS Nimitz. A US Navy spokesman confirmed that this image was taken from USS Nimitz.

Although the objects in the three images are described as “unknown objects ABD, US Navy spokesman Gradisher points out that the incidence of such objects increases as low-cost drones such as drones become widespread.

Although popular culture uses the term UFO for unexplained objects, the term ayan Unidentified Weather ”was taken from England, and the term was used to describe all kinds of unidentified weather phenomena.

Although the US Navy has confirmed the authenticity of images previously shared by different sources, there is no evidence that the objects observed in the images belong to a transstellar vehicle, or a visit of aliens in popular culture.

In 2017, the New York Times wrote that the US Department of Defense’s Pentagon’s Advanced Space Threat Detection Program had been investigating allegations of unidentified flying objects for many years, but according to the ministry, this program was terminated in 2012. The newspaper reported that the program, which was described as a secret program, began in 2007.

Earlier this year, the US Navy issued a secret directive on how such incidents should be reported, according to US media reports. The US Department of Defense briefed Senate Intelligence Commission Vice-President Mark Warner and two accompanying senators in June as part of efforts to inform politicians about situations where the navy is facing unidentified aircraft.

I don’t really believe it, pek Trump said.

US President Donald Trump said earlier that the navy pilots had received information about cases of unidentified objects, but expressed doubts about the existence of UFOs.

They can think what they want to think. We had a very brief meeting about this. But people say they see a UFO. I believe? Not really..


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