‘UFO’ in Command & Conqueror Modified to Conspiracy Theories


The secret of an object thought to be UFO for years in Command & Conqueror was solved with a statement made by the developers years ago. However, a newly released mod allows the mysterious object to actually appear as a ufo in Command & Conqueror Remastered years later.

Command & Conquer fans have long wondered if a mysterious object seen in the game is UFO. The object was not understood due to the low resolution of the original game. However, thanks to the newly remastered version of the real-time strategy game, the secret of the object, which cannot be determined, has been solved.

In the third GDI mission in Campaign mode, there is a strange looking object west of the cliff in the starting area. In the game, which was released in 1995, it was difficult to identify the object due to the pixel pixel image. The players thought the object was a UFO or a Scrin ship.

What the mysterious object in Command & Conquerer was announced years later

13 years after the release of Command & Conquer, the developers at studio Petroglyph, a former employee from developer Westwood Studios, and for the remaster version, revealed that the image was actually portraying the helicopter crash. “The theories about what happened were a lot of fun, but not a UFO or Scrin ship. It’s a helicopter wreck. It’s been there since C&C (DOS),” says developer Adam Isgreen. said.

Mysterious object transformed into helicopter wreck as it should be with Command & Conquer Remastered

With the launch of Command & Conquer Remastered, the object was re-portrayed by Petroglyph and looks like the tip of a crashed helicopter as originally intended. However, it was not forgotten that the object was thought to be UFO for 13 years. A mod maker, by changing the remastered version of Command & Conquer, redesigned the object as UFO.

Steam Workshop user NightShadow02 together with Reddit user Nyerguds created the UFO mode for entertainment purposes. His work attracted the attention of the Command & Conquer community, and the fun started again. A Reddit user took the humor a step further by writing “I would have thought that it was always a toilet, to be honest.”


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