UFC: Justin Gaethje threatened Conor McGregor


UFC: Justin Gaethje threatened Conor McGregor. Justin Gaethje did not hesitate to threaten Conor McGregor by knocking him out in the UFC octagon.

The current interim lightweight champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) , Justin Gaethje after mocking the removal of the “Notoriuos” Irish Conor McGregor , now threatened to throw him in the Octagon and kill it.

Justin has stated on several occasions that if he is victorious against Nurmagomedov, then he would be happy to fight McGregor and leave him finished in the UFC.

In an interview with ESPN J ustin Gaethje commented that Conor McGregor still being a legend in MMA and having announced his retirement this return would fight to fight him and get the UFC championships

“If I win, I think it will definitely come back. If Khabib wins, I don’t know. I’m not sure about that, ”said Justin.

Justin Gaethje , who finished 19 of his 22 career fights by knockout, has stopped his last four opponents. He has made major adjustments in recent years and believes he would drag McGregor into deep water and end him if they fought.

The interim UFC lightweight champion clarified that distance control is the number 1 factor in any fight and this is established in the first 30 seconds. He is not visible, but he is established, and that would be a big factor in our fight for him that hurts Conor McGregor.

I think the best the best thing about it is that I can kick people out, so when they try to control the distance or maybe they’re winning with that, he can kick them in the leg and try to reset that.

“So I think it would knock him out (Conor McGregor) to be honest,” he added.


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