UE Fits is introduced; headset with gel texture!


In order to be comfortable, the headphones designed in in-ear form must fit perfectly in the ear. Headphones designed using different materials in terms of ergonomics may not offer the same comfort to everyone’s ears. Ultimate Ears aims to make a difference with the new headphones it designed. These headphones, called UE Fits, have a gel structure that can take the shape of the ear when worn. Let’s take a look at other features of the interesting headset:

UE Fits features with its interesting structure

In order to fit the in-ear headphones perfectly to the ear, silicone or different ear tips are offered to people, but still generally three different sizes are offered to fit the person perfectly. One of these three options may not always be compatible with the ear of the person.

Ultimate Ears, which offers one of the best solutions to the situation in question, has launched its UE Fits headset. The headset has a gel texture that can freeze instead of using silicone eartips in the headphones we know and can harden when frozen and adapt to the ear structure of the person.

UE Fits ozellikleri-01

The charging box of the headset, which has a very stylish design, is also offered in harmony with its color. The headphones, which come out with three different color options in total, meet the users with black and white and lilac colors at a price of $ 249. The reason why it has such a high price is the gel technology used in its structure.


UE Fits permanently takes the shape of the inner ear with a 60-second process initiated on the user’s smartphone. The ends of the earphones, which harden in seconds with the application, become special to the user.

The headphone is quite ambitious in terms of sound because it is said to provide “a warm and detailed sound full of deep, tight bass” for the headphone, which is transferred to have a 10 mm driver. The headset offers 8 hours of active use. With the charging box, it is reported that this period can exceed 20 hours. The headset model is also resistant to water and sweat.


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