Ubisoft’s new plan aims to improve diversity in the company over the next 5 years


Ubisoft publicly announces a five-year plan that should improve the company’s diversity. In recent years, Ubisoft has faced accusations and lawsuits regarding gender discrimination, “institutional harassment” and abuse of power. The accusations led to a wave of dismissals among Ubisoft’s management, but did not lead to the resignation of co-founder Yves Guillemot. This caused criticism about the lack of significant structural changes in Ubisoft, which may have been the reason for this new announcement.

Ubisoft’s official statement about its five-year plan is that it is doing so in order to invest in “human policies and processes, continue to “create a safe and respectful workplace for everyone” and promote “diversity and inclusivity around the world.” Ubisoft HR Director Anika Grand and Vice President of Global Diversity, Inclusivity and Accessibility Raashi Sikka presented this plan to Ubisoft studios across Europe to explain the further process.

The goal of Ubisoft’s multi-year strategy is to ensure that the company better reflects its audience. With this in mind, the strategy aims to increase diversity in terms of race, ethnicity and culture. This focus will be carried out through three means: attracting talent, internal talent development and the development of an external talent pool. Thanks to the growth and change of the processes through which Ubisoft grows, the company hopes that over time the company will change for the better.

Ubisoft will also “remove barriers” within the company in the future, because, obviously, the company already employs a variety of people. Ubisoft will focus on gender equality, race and ethnicity, inclusion of LGBTQIA+ and inclusion of disabled people in the company. No specific barriers are mentioned, but Ubisoft’s announcement may not be the right place to discuss this topic.

There are also some mentions of how this philosophy will be explored in Ubisoft games. It is reported that a new team for inclusive games and content has been created within the company. Its goal will be to “ensure diversity and inclusivity at the core” of all Ubisoft games. This includes improving accessibility features in Ubisoft games, although the accessibility team is already hard at work.

The final thought in Ubisoft’s diversity plans is that they know that “there is still a lot to do.” There is a recognition that the efforts made in the company are an ongoing process. In addition, he admits that he may not be doing everything in his power, and therefore explains that he will “strive to listen better, understand where changes are needed, and work to improve the experience of our employees.” While there are valid questions regarding Ubisoft’s efforts to improve the situation so far, it certainly has the right idea on paper.


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