Ubisoft Suffers A Cyberattack, But “There Is No Evidence” That Personal Data Has Been Stolen


Ubisoft: The French company has issued an official statement confirming that they are investigating “the incident”. The problems that occurred last week in certain Ubisoft games and services are due to a cyber attack. This has been admitted by the French company in an official statement, in which they assure that they are already investigating the matter. However, the first investigations seem to certify that it has not caused any type of theft of sensitive information from the players.

“Last week, Ubisoft suffered a cybersecurity incident that caused temporary problems in some of our games, systems and services,” they have published. “Our IT teams are working with external experts to investigate the bug. As a precautionary measure, we have initiated a company-wide password reset. We can also confirm that our games and services are working normally.”

What about personal information?

On the matter of personal information of customers, from Ubisoft they have maintained that they have not found any evidence that the data is compromised. “There is no evidence that they have accessed any player’s personal information” or that it has been “exposed” after the attack. Cyber ​​attacks have been frequent in recent weeks. Large companies like NVIDIA or Samsung have been targeted by hackers.

Ubisoft has just released Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarök, an all-new expansion that kicks off Valhalla’s second year of post-launch content. Ubisoft Sofía has been the studio in charge of continuing the story of Odin, who travels to the kingdom of the dwarves to recover his son Balder and to take revenge on Surtr for his insult. It is a continuation of the mythological sections that we already experience in the base game. As for the future, the company has not yet revealed what the roadmap will be. Will there be more stories? All can be.