Ubisoft Reveals New Technology To Create Bigger Open Worlds


Ubisoft: Love or hate Ubisoft’s open worlds, the fact is that the producer continues to invest heavily in technologies to make its scenarios bigger and richer in resources. Yesterday (17) it was revealed during a presentation at DGC the Ubisoft Scaler, a fully cloud-based system.

The information was released on the Resetera forum, where Patrick Back, managing director of Ubisoft Stockholm, Per-Olof Romell, its CTO, and Christian Holmgvist, technical director, spoke about what to expect from the technology.

The idea of ​​Scaler is that the scenarios and maps are updated in real time through the cloud, putting an even greater number of players to participate in the action without performance drops. It is worth noting that this is not exactly an engine, but a new way to circumvent hardware limitations.

According to Patrick Back, Ubisoft Scaler is “a core technology that allows Ubisoft games to run on the power of the cloud. It’s for us to look ten years ahead and think about the kinds of games we could have, what they could achieve, what what to expect from them, and how to achieve it”.

We will be rooting for the technology to really bring cool results and even more immersive games in the future. But what about you, what do you think of this news? Do you have good expectations? Tell us in the comments below!