Ubisoft Quarts Has Only Sold 15 NFTs So Far


Ubisoft Quartz: After generating quite a stir since its announcement, with its video being removed from the YouTube channel listing and prompting employees to come to the company’s attention publicly, Ubisoft Quartz appears to be not doing so well.

After all, Ubi’s NFT platform was recently launched and, believe me, it seems to have sold only 15 items so far. Yes, that’s right, only 15. The information was revealed by character designer Liz Edwards on Twitter.

“I took a look at the two marketplaces on the Quartz website and it seems to have… 15 sales in total,” Edwards said on the social network.

The artist, who among her works was involved in the creation of characters for Apex Legends, shared her curiosity on Twitter, taking the opportunity to snipe the producer. “[D]Ubisoft managed to create an NFT that even NFT fans don’t want?” she asked in the sequel.

It’s worth pointing out that, although the numbers really are extremely bad, in part the apparently disastrous result may have been caused by Ubi itself. After all, in this period of launch of the platform, the company temporarily released three different free items, totaling 3000 units being distributed for free to the players of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint.

Also on Twitter, journalist Stephen Totilo noted that all NFT purchases made in Quartz to date have been related to the M4A1 Tactical | Wolves. No one would have bought the Wolf Enhanced Pants or the Wolf Enhanced Helmet A helmet, which require a total play time of at least 100 hours and 600 hours, respectively.