Ubisoft Plus claims to merge with Xbox Game Pass


Ubisoft Plus, which has been on the agenda with rumors for a while, has been the subject of a new claim. It has been claimed that the Ubisoft Plus service will merge with Xbox Game Pass.

Ubisoft Plus can fall under the umbrella of Xbox Game Pass

The fact that game producers create their own membership platform becomes difficult for users to follow. Many users think that membership platforms developed for games should be gathered under one roof.

Ubisoft has a membership system similar to Electronic Arts Play. Thanks to the Ubisoft Plus system, users can access the games developed by the company by paying $ 15 per month.

Approximately 50 percent more users have registered for the Xbox Game Pass system, which reached 15 million users in October 2020.

It is stated that Ubisoft will make a similar move after EA Play was added to the Xbox Game Pass system. Allegedly, companies will unite their systems towards the end of 2021.

Windows Central editor Jez Corden said, “According to my information, Ubisoft Uplay Plus is very likely to join Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. ”Used expressions.

It is said that some companies that want to be a part of the Game Pass system have contacted Microsoft. It is also stated that PlayStation will be a rival to Microsoft with a similar system.


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