Ubisoft Mentions Beyond Good and Evil 2 In Financial Report


Ubisoft released to its shareholders this week a financial report for the first quarter of the fiscal year between 2021 and 2022. In addition to reporting earnings above their estimates, the company also mentions some of its plans for the future and finally we have an official document from the producer commenting on Beyond Good and Evil 2 again.

The comment, unfortunately, is very superficial and does not bring new dates or information. In a list of its “ambitious plans” for the future, Ubisoft mentions that it will “revive a fan-favorite franchise with Beyond Good and Evil 2”.

It may seem like little, but after so long of complete silence about a game that looked so big, players began to fear a cancellation. The game appearing in a shareholder document could be a good sign that Ubisoft really doesn’t intend to give it up.

The company also promises in its report that it will continue to invest in expanding the universes of its most recognized brands to increase their reach. This will be done in the form of free-to-play games for PC, console and mobile, such as the recently announced XDefiant. The developer also commented that it will announce a new mobile game in the fourth quarter of this year.

Ubisoft had a revenue plan in the order of €320 million for Q1 2021, and managed to get €6 million in excess of its expectations. As such, the company does not intend to change its current way of doing business, as the report makes clear. Its biggest investments will continue in large and recognized brands, and, in the case of creating new IPs, only for games focused on “long-term player engagement”, as in the case of the already announced Rider’s Republic and Skull & Bones.


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