Ubisoft Massive Will Monetize The Upcoming Star Wars and Avatar Games


Ubisoft’s two largest Massive projects, the upcoming Star Wars and Avatar games, will be monetized based on recent job ads made by Ubisoft for the development teams working on these projects.

Although Ubisoft Massive is best known for the Tom Clancy’s The Division franchise, it is currently working on new popular and well-known franchises to turn its films into video games. The upcoming open—world Star Wars game is one of them, which is being developed in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games. The other is Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, a game that has been in development since 2017 and is due to be released in 2023.

Earlier today, we reported that Ubisoft Massive announced that their new Star Wars game will be moving forward this year in terms of development progress. The tweet that sparked interest in this also prompted game developers to join in and “join the adventure” with a link to Ubisoft’s job ads. One of these vacancies is for a “monetization specialist” whose workload will surely affect the monetization of two upcoming Ubisoft Massive games. Part of the job description of this monetization specialist reads:

“Ubisoft’s monetization specialists contribute to the financial success of our games by developing strategies that increase profitability, respecting our players and the essence of each game.”


  • Track monetization strategies, as well as key performance indicators for the acquisition, engagement and monetization of 3 Ubisoft projects.
  • Perform special analysis to improve recommendations for projects.
  • Collaborate with the director of the monetization project to develop monetization strategies that meet the expectations of players, as well as creative and game directions.
  • Work closely with game economy designers to determine reasonable prices for goods, events and services.
  • Plan and control the content, promotions and offers of the main and additional stores with the help of digital sales groups.
  • Collaborate with interdependent teams (such as UI, UX, programmers, etc.) to implement your systems and monetization functions.
  • Follow the monetization features and adapt them based on player feedback, report results, etc.

The post implies that the monetization specialist will apply his skills and knowledge to the upcoming open-world game on “Star Wars” and “Avatar: Pandora’s Borders”. This is bad enough news for fans who are looking forward to these games. Let’s hope that the practice of monetization here will not be as tough as in other games.

Ubisoft’s upcoming Massive Star Wars game is described as “an open-world story game in the Star Wars galaxy, which will also use advanced technologies and studio achievements, including the Snowdrop engine.” Meanwhile, the action of “Avatar: Pandora’s Borders” takes place a year before the recent movie “Avatar: The Way of Water”.


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