Ubisoft Makes Promotions in Its Store With Discounts of up to 85%


Ubisoft has already entered the mood of E3 2021. Although its conference, Ubisoft Forward, is only next Saturday (12), broadcast on Voxel’s YouTube channel, its store already brings a series of discounts for its games on PC version.

Among the options, there are franchises like Far Cry, Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed with discounts of up to 85% on their titles. Plus promotions on other popular company games like Rainbow Six Siege, Ghost Recon and The Division.

Check out the highlights of the promotion:

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: From R$199.99 – For R$149.99 (25% discount);
Assassin’s Creed Origins: R$179.99 – For R$36.00 (80% discount);
Fenyx Rising Immortals: From R$349.99 – For R$192.49 (45% discount);
Watch Dogs Legion: From R$249.99 – For R$124.99 (50% off);
Watch Dogs 2: From R$ 179.99 – For R$ 36.00 (80% discount);
Far Cry 5: From R$ 179.99 – For R$ 27.00 (85% discount);
Far Cry 4: From R$89.99 – For R$18.00 (80% discount);
Far Cry 3: From R$59.99 – For R$9.00 (85% discount);
Far Cry Primal: From R$ 104.99 – For R$ 26.25 (75% discount);
Ghost Recon Breakpoint: From R$179.99 – For R$26.85 (85% off);
Rainbow Six Siege: From R$59.99 – For R$24.00 (60% discount);
The Division: From R$89.99 – For R$29.70 (67% discount);
The Division 2: From R$89.99 – For R$27.00 (70% discount);
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: From R$59.99 – For R$38.99 (35% discount);
Anno 1800: From R$ 179.99 – For R$ 89.99 (50% discount);
The Crew 2: From R$179.99 – For R$36.00 (80% discount);

Remembering that you will be able to follow the Ubisoft broadcast on Voxel’s YouTube channel on the 12th at 14:00. So what are your expectations? Is there a game you really want to appear? And which ones we’ve talked about there’s no chance of showing up. Leave it in the comments


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