Ubisoft Makes Abuse Statement and Announces Year of Change


Ubisoft: Anyone following the news should remember that Ubisoft gained media attention last year after some reports of abuse, which led to layoffs and other changes at the top of the company. A year later, Yves Guillemot, the production company’s executive director, used the company’s official website to talk about the subject.

In his message, entitled Year of Change, Guillemot mentioned that the studio has been striving more and more to listen to employees and build a project that makes the company a better place to work. The first step, for example, was to delegate investigations of abusive conduct to an external partner so that there is no bias, in addition to using a reporting platform that works anonymously.

Still thinking about measures to curb abusive actions in the workplace, it was mentioned that the company conducted a survey of more than 14,000 employees (who did not need to identify themselves), as well as a collective assessment on the subject. In addition, the company’s code of conduct has undergone some changes and even the bonuses offered to managers will take into account the openness to listen and take care of team members.

It is worth mentioning that this executive’s text gains space on the network a week after the Gameindustry.biz website reported that the producer still had cases of abuse against employees, with many of these people still holding their positions at Ubisoft. Another detail is the fact that the company ended up setting aside the idea of ​​hiring more women and also investing more in training.


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