Ubisoft is having a hard time! Serge Hascoet left the company


Ubisoft is having a hard time, and sexual abuse and fraud charges against the top names of the company have hit the company. Serge Hascoet, who is responsible for all the games of the company, resigned from his job at the company. Hascoet did not just quit his job, but left with no relation to the company .

While the accusations against their top executives were staining the name of the video game giant, this event shook the game world.

Serge Hascoet parted ways with Ubisoft

Hascoet , the leader of the company’s creative team, was one of the names that brought all Ubisoft games to life. Games articles from the world of fantasy, after the departure Hascoet closely interested in the flow of events and scenarios occurred with doubts about the future of the game. Serge’s post will be temporarily taken over by Yves Guillemot , the company’s founder and CEO.

Serge Hascoet was not the only manager to drop off the table , but Yannis Mallat, the director of the Canadian studio, and Cecile Cornet, the human resources division, also resigned.

The departure of Serge Hascoet, the leading figure in creative thinking, according to Bloomberg, can have a major impact on the company. Following these radical changes, the promise of positive developments in the company was given by the CEO of Ubisoft.

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