Ubisoft Has Postponed The Release Dates Of Its Two Games


Ubisoft has decided to delay two of its games that it introduced at E3 2021. Among Ubisoft postponement decisions is the development process.

With the Ubisoft Forward event held at E3 2021, the company introduced several games, and some of them will be released soon. Ubisoft announced that they postponed the release dates of the two games they introduced. Behind the procrastination lies better games. Ubisoft states that it delayed the games in order to be able to release them without any problems.

Rainbow Six Extraction and Republic of Riders delayed

Rainbow Six Extraction was due to be released on September 16, the new release date has been updated to January 2022. Riders Republic, on the other hand, was due to be released on September 2, with the new release date updated to October 28, 2021. “The purpose of the decision to delay both of these games is to give players more opportunities to test, play first hand, and provide feedback,” Ubisoft said. “We also make sure we bring the best experiences to the market and let them reach their full potential.”

The company also made separate statements for each game. Description for Rainbow Six Extraction:

“Our goal with Rainbow Six Extraction is to deliver a fully fledged big-budget gaming experience that changes the way you play and think about co-op games. With unique features like Missing In Action and The Sprawl, each mission is designed to be a tense and challenging experience. In January 2022, we embrace the opportunity to take additional time to bring this vision to life as it deserves. We are confident that this will ensure that Six Extraction is the immersive, collaborative and exciting experience we set out to create. We look forward to sharing more with you very soon!”

Ubisoft statement for Riders Republic:

“We have made the decision to delay our release date from September 2 to October 28, so we can offer the best game to all players. This decision will give us more time to fine-tune your experience and give you another chance to ‘jump’.”


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