Ubisoft Has Lost So Many Employees They Call It ‘The Great Exodus’


Ubisoft has faced a “great exodus” of its employees, who have resigned from the production company to work elsewhere or on projects. That’s what the remnants have been calling the last year and a half, watching many of their colleagues leave.

The information comes from Axios, which also reports that other employees have called the period “the open artery” – meaning a “bleeding” of employees.

Unfortunately, Ubisoft has not released official figures on the layoffs, but it is possible to make some speculations from public information. On LinkedIn, for example, it is mentioned that the rate of people leaving the company is 12%. The number is above the 9% found in EA and 7% in Epic. Activision Blizzard, meanwhile, comes in with 16%, which we can attribute to the producer’s current predicament.

The issue of abuses in the workplace that plagues Activision, even, would be one of the reasons for Ubisoft to have so many unhappy employees, since the company is also accused of not doing well to contain this type of practice.

Other motivations for the departure of employees are attributed to more natural situations, such as the difficulties brought by the pandemic and the competitiveness with other companies hunting for talent.

Axios, where the information comes from, even spoke to Ubisoft employees who also mention the company’s overall image, which is not doing well. The company’s recent foray into the NFT market has certainly left even more frustrated employees, with one saying that “the company’s reputation is too much to handle. It’s really shameful.”

Another data that gives a grim prospect for the “great exodus” of Ubisoft is that, of the 25 people that appear among the main credits of Far Cry 6, 5 have already left the company. Since the game was released in October, it is barely two months old.