Ubisoft Executive Confesses That The Company Did Not Know How To Manage The Scandals


Ubisoft management acknowledged that its initial response to the workplace misconduct scandal that began in June 2020 was not the best. Even arguing that their actions were for the most part quick and correct at the time, it caused some employees to lose confidence in the company.

It was Anika Grant, Director of People at Ubisoft, who commented on the mismanagement in a conversation with the Axios portal. She completed by mentioning that the company’s focus was directed to the investigation to obtain results, forgetting the complaints and the employees’ experience about what was happening.

“I don’t think we always communicated enough with the people who raised the issue about what we found in the investigations, the decisions we made and the actions that followed. I also think that, unfortunately, people have lost confidence in this process,” said Grant .

Charges and allegations of misconduct began to surface at Ubisoft last year and included sexual and moral harassment of various executives. Yves Guillemot, president of the company, ended up going public with several promises of improvements, and since then Ubisoft has created a system to anonymously report any complaints at work.

Grant confirmed this information and says that the number of complaints and their seriousness has dropped significantly over time. However, on the other hand, there are still many officials calling for more changes such as preventing the promotion of a culture of silencing victims, which Anika denied.

With the confession that the company generated the crisis badly, the executive also recognizes that they are still not where they want to go, but they are trying to reach that goal. The conversation with Anika Grant even became a kind of official statement of the ABetterUbisoft movement, a partnership between employees and former employees of the company: