Ubisoft denies recent rumors about a new Blade game


It would seem that wherever anyone looks, there is a Marvel game that is in development or, according to rumors, is in development. Insomniac is working on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine, Skydance is working on a new Marvel game, EA is rumored to be working on a Black Panther game, Firaxis is working on Marvel’s Midnight Suns, and there are many games released on top of that. This makes the recent rumor that Ubisoft is working on a Blade game easy to digest, but it looks like it might not be true.

However, the rumor did not come from some random Internet user. Actors E. Gaffney and Alex Martin recently shared photos of a Ubisoft motion capture session on Instagram, where it’s obviously the company because of the Ubi logo on the costumes, and then another image with a firecracker on which Marvel is listed as production. Although this would indicate that Ubisoft was working on a Marvel game, the theory that this is a new Blade game is due to the fact that the mentioned firecracker mentions “B. Tariq” as director. As many fans may know, Tariq is working on a new MCU movie, Blade, which is currently due for release in November 2023.

Although this rumor is exciting and seems to come from a reliable source, rumors about the Ubisoft Blade game have been officially denied by the company. The company specifically stated that “sorry for the distortion of rumors,” but it did not make a Blade game. The company has also expressed interest in the upcoming film, but at least this tweet makes the whole situation even more dizzying.

It is noteworthy that Ubisoft does not deny the creation of the Marvel game, it is just connected with Blade. There’s not much else that could explain Ubisoft’s recent mockup images, other than the fact that they were working on a Marvel game, but then B. Tariq’s teaser becomes even more dubious.

This denial makes the situation more confusing, but given that Ubisoft does not deny the Marvel game, it might be better to ignore the potential reference to Blade and focus on this part. In general, the refutation of such a rumor is strange, since EA has not even commented on the Black Panther rumor yet, and there are always plenty of false rumors. Perhaps this happened because the post seemed to imply that it was a tie-in to a video game, and not a separate project, and the first genre is not particularly well received. Such a rumor could damage Marvel and Ubisoft, so maybe that’s why Ubi took the time to comment. It remains to be seen what all this really means, but fans will probably have to wait for a while.

It is reported that Ubisoft is not working on a new Blade game.


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