Ubisoft denies accusations about alleged management


Michel Ancel announced that he was leaving the video game industry to dedicate himself to an animal sanctuary, but is under investigation by Ubisoft.

By surprise. This is how Michel Ancel, creator of Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil, from Ubisoft, was leaving. After 30 years working in the French company, the creative revealed that he was leaving the industry to dedicate himself to an animal sanctuary. However, the newspaper Libération pointed directly to Ancel as one of those responsible for creating, allegedly, a toxic work environment within Ubisoft Montpellier. Through Instagram, the veteran developer has defended himself and said that the content of this information is “fake news.” All this at a delicate time for Ubisoft, a company in which numerous cases of workplace and sexual harassment have been uncovered.

“Take a few people in anger and jealousy and let them speak for hundreds. Post quick information to be combined with sexual harassment news on Ubisoft. Is that serious? Is this what is expected of a national newspaper? ”Asks Ancel. “I will fight for the truth to come out because the accusations are a shame. I have worked hard on all my projects and have always had the respect of my teams. The accusations are false ”. Ancel asserts that he did not manage the studios, since that is a job for producers and managers. “Why don’t journalists talk about them?”

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