Ubisoft Announces NFT Platform For Gaming; See How It Works


Ubisoft introduced the Ubisoft Quartz platform, which introduces the first playable NFTs in AAA games and uses the low-power blockchain Tezos. The company’s non-fungible tokens are called Digits and will be released in beta within Ghost Recon Breakpoint for PC, with a fixed and limited number of items available.

Quartz is the first platform to introduce cosmetic items such as NFTs, giving them unique character, market value, and detaching these items from the games and the company. This makes it possible for them to be traded outside the Ubisoft ecosystem, as long as the user has a Ubisoft Quartz account.

Cosmetic items, but what changes?

Most AAA games from Ubisoft already have collectable cosmetic items, but so far, all players can purchase the products within the games and without any limitations. Digits, however, will be unique, each with a specific serial number, and traded through Ubisfot Quartz.

This creates a market for cosmetic items similar to other games, but with a “certified authenticity” and transaction history. Also, buying and selling works independently of game inventory.

In this way, even if the Ghost Recon Breakpoint servers are one day deactivated, the NFTs continue to have a market value and can be sold within Ubisoft Quartz.