Uber’s Electric Scooter Service Launches Tricycle

Jump, the electric scooter rental service of Uber, opens tricycle scooters for people of all ages and people with disabilities. For now, only one of the vehicles in San Francisco has seats.

Electric scooters have become the vehicles people use for entertainment or transportation in many cities around the world. Rentable electric scooters are in use to get rid of traffic in cities and maybe have some fun on the way to work or school.

The availability of leasable electric scooters determines the prices and the limits of the regions where they can be used. Uber, a global giant in transportation, adds adjustable and tricycle scooters to its Jump service.

Bicycle rental shops to rent:

New Jump vehicles are available in San Francisco from this Wednesday. Four leasable vehicles, two of which are new, will be available to residents of the city, along with improvements to ease of use. Scooters can be rented from two bicycle rental shops in the city, but the rental feature will not be activated. This will allow users to pay both cash and card. The usage fee of the vehicles will be priced at 33 cents per minute.

Designed for everyone to use:

The two new scooters RassinĂ© and Drive ZooMe have a three-wheel construction. So it will be much easier to maintain balance during use. Drive ZooMe model will also have a seat and a basket on it. This means that people of all ages will be able to use these tools easily, including disabled people. You also won’t have to push the floor with your feet to start driving. Standing in balance with three wheels, the vehicles can be controlled by the gas and brake mechanism in the handlebars without changing the foot position.

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For the time being, these vehicles will only be available in two areas of San Francisco. This is not a long-term solution to the problem of accessibility of electric scooters, but it is an important step.



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