Uber X, VIP and … Tram: Uber gets option in the UK


Uber app users in the UK have won a new racing option that includes only electric cars. Called Uber Green, the novelty allows the customer to use a car powered by clean energy without additional costs.

The novelty is available to a limited extent in the city of London and includes only 100% electric vehicles. That is, in addition to cars powered by combustion, the search for Uber Green also does not include hybrid models, as happens in the service in places like the United States.

Uber Green’s goal is to encourage the use of electric cars in London. The company plans to carry out all trips from the UK capital in vehicles powered by clean energy by the year 2025.

Migration to the trams

To encourage drivers, the company also offers benefits for employees who migrate to clean energy cars. The company cuts app usage fees by 15% for those who own an electric vehicle.

Uber’s car fleet in London is around 45,000 vehicles. While most cars still have a combustion engine, the company’s incentives have already started to take effect.

The company started offering benefits in 2019, when about 100 employees used electric vehicles. Currently, about 1,600 cars powered by clean energy operate on the Uber app in London.

The move made in London is just the beginning of a major change that Uber intends to make in its services. By 2040, the company’s goal is to operate only with electric cars globally.


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