Uber wins audio recording and user identity check


Uber announced on Thursday (3) new security features in the app for Android phones and iPhone (iOS). The U-audio tool, which consists of recording travel audio, is now available in all cities where the service operates in Brazil. In addition, the U-help feature, which alerts you to long and unexpected stops along the way, has gained a new version to also warn if a race ends earlier than expected.

Uber also started, in some cities, identity verification with ID or CNH for users who choose to pay for the first ride in cash, without registering any digital payment in the app. The news was announced at the Uber Destino Brasil 2020 event, which presents safety measures for drivers, users and service deliverers, developed by the company’s technological development center in Brazil, based in São Paulo.

The travel audio recording, called U-audio, was announced in November and gradually launched in cities. The feature is now available to all users in Brazil, from the blue shield icon displayed in the application when ordering a race. The passenger can choose to record the audio before boarding or at any time during the trip.

The audio is encrypted and saved on the user’s phone, and the Uber team only has access to the file if the passenger decides to report a problem and attach the recording. The material is also not included in the information package that the user is entitled to download, if he wants to check what personal data Uber has on his account.
“Uber has already done [security] projects thinking about adopting the law. As Uber is global, if a feature will be adopted in Europe, for example, it must also follow GDPR”.

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Upon completion of the recorded tour, the application asks if everything is okay, or if the user wants to report a security incident. The claim can be made immediately after disembarkation or later, and the recorded trip is indicated in the user’s history by a microphone icon. When choosing to make a report, the passenger can send the audio along with the written complaint, for analysis on Uber.


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