Uber will force you to take a masked selfie without boarding


The ‘new normal’ is something that everyone is getting used to. Keeping a safe distance, putting on a mask to go outside or washing your hands before entering a store are the things that we have assimilated to prevent COVID 19 from spreading like wildfire. The different companies have also taken action on the matter, including transport companies. So much so that Uber will require as a requirement to take a selfie with the mask before using its service.

Uber enables the selfie for passengers

Social distance is one of the most important prevention measures to avoid Covid-19. In addition, it is key even in situations where it is impossible to guarantee optimal traffic of people, since it allows to regulate the capacity in a room. But when it comes to a car this is much more difficult. The compartments are not designed for these situations, so other factors such as masks come into play. For this reason, and in order to guarantee the safest possible transport. Uber will ask you for a selfie before starting the journey.

Until now, the firm asked as a requirement that users wear this garment, but now it will also be an obligation to demonstrate. In the application now a function will appear to take a photo and register. It has to be in the moment, so you will not be able to upload a photo from the gallery. However, according to CNET, passengers will not need to do this on all trips as it will work at the request of the driver. In other words, whoever is behind the wheel can report a passenger and that is when they must take the selfie. Otherwise you will not make the trip you have requested.

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