Uber will continue to serve in London


The discussions about Uber’s activities in London are likely to come to an end. With the London Transport Department’s decision in 2017, Uber lost its license to operate in the city. The company, which objected to this decision, had a 15-month temporary license valid for the duration of the court.

Although the London Department of Transport did not agree to renew Uber’s license late last year; The Westminister Magistrate’s Court decided to lift the ban. The court ruled that Uber is now a “decent and suitable” company to serve in the city.

Tensions between Uber and the London Transport Office have been going on since 2017. While the London Department of Transportation has consistently rejected Uber’s applications for new permanent licenses; The reason for this decision was the lack of passenger safety. The agency claimed there were also complaints that unlicensed drivers exploited vulnerabilities in the Uber app.

The court stated that there were errors in Uber’s past practices, but the company made the necessary commitments to close the vulnerabilities. Judge Tan Ikram stated that, despite its past mistakes, Uber has now turned into a suitable service to serve in London.

With this decision, Uber will be able to continue its activities on London roads without any problems. The term and conditions of the new license have not been announced for now.


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