Uber Taxi: New mode arrives in São Paulo to order


Uber announced on Thursday (30) the launch of Uber Taxi, a new category of application services for Android phones and iPhone (iOS) that will now register taxis in the app in the city of São Paulo.

According to company information, the new modality responds to requests from corporate customers, who are looking for the security offered by Uber, but want agility on the route, since taxis can use exclusive bus lanes in the city of São Paulo.

The modality will allow the registration of taxi drivers accredited by the city government, and the forecast for launching the category for users is scheduled for next month. The registration of taxi drivers on Uber will be equivalent to that of partner drivers by the Uber Driver application, with the difference that taxi drivers must also present the Municipal Taxi Driver Registry (Condutax) document, in addition to the CNH documents with the observation of activity paid, vehicle document and permit.

The race prices will be calculated by the taximeter and will follow the tariff table determined by the legislation of the municipality of São Paulo. The app will show an estimated value to the user, which may vary during the trip, something that will be informed to the customer before ordering the taxi on Uber. In addition, initially only digital payments will be accepted through the app, and the charge for the race must be entered manually by the taxi driver in the app before ending the trip.

Uber Taxi will have the same safety features offered by Uber for partner drivers, which includes receiving information about the driver and vehicle before the start of the race, and the possibility to share the trip in real time, in addition to the option to call the police via the app during emergencies. In addition, at the end of the taxi trips, both the customer and the driver will be able to rate each other, just as it happens in races with partner drivers, and Uber can disconnect drivers with low marks.


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