Uber Taxi arrives as a new model for taxi drivers in Brazil


After starting to show the destination of the races before the driver accepted the trip, Uber communicated another news to its users on Thursday (30). The ride app now brought the Uber Taxi modality to Brazil, starting in São Paulo from August.

According to the company, the initiative meets requests from corporate customers. They wanted to keep the tool safe, but with the possibility of spending less time on the route – since taxis can use the exclusive bus lanes in the capital of São Paulo.

Taxi drivers accredited by the city of São Paulo will be able to register with Uber in a similar way to the method of partner drivers, through the Uber Driver application. The difference is that, in addition to the CNH documents with the paid activity item, car document and license, taxi drivers will also need to present the Municipal Taxi Driver Register (Condutax) document.

The charge will be entered by the taxi driver in the app before completing the trip, with measurement based on the taximeter – the indication on the cell phone will be an estimate only. In the end, the client and the driver will also be able to evaluate themselves, as it already happens in the conventional races of the platform.

Uber is available for Android and iOS systems through their respective official stores. The download links can be found on the card located below the text.

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