Uber suspends shared travel on the app because of the coronavirus


Uber on Thursday (19) removed the Uber Juntos race mode from the application for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones indefinitely, as a preventive measure against the new coronavirus. The Juntos option offers shared trips with strangers for less than normal prices, which can provide greater chances of contagion from Covid-19, a disease caused by Sars-CoV-2.

In a note, Uber said it seeks to slow the progress of the new coronavirus and is working with authorities to do so (see the full note at the end of the story). Uber Juntos has been temporarily banned in Canada, Paris, London and the United States since Tuesday (17). American rival Lyft also followed suit in the territories where it operates.

The Uber Juntos option will no longer appear for Brazilian users, when they request a ride through the mobility app starting on Thursday afternoon (19). Therefore, the types of travel available now are UberX (for economy travel), Comfort (for premium experience that allows you to choose the air conditioning temperature, for example) and Black (for rides in luxury cars).

These options offer only private trips, which differentiates them from Uber Together, which allowed strangers to share races with nearby destinations for values ​​below the app average. Thus, the measure aims to prevent cases of contagion by collective rides in vehicles registered with Uber.

Drivers of the service were guided by the company with car hygiene tips and with the support of resources to protect themselves from the new coronavirus. Deliverers and drivers who contract Covid-19 or become quarantined at the request of health institutions will also receive financial assistance for 14 days, during which time the user’s account will be suspended in the application.

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The company also recalls that it is possible to specify, when placing orders at Uber Eats, that the delivery person leaves the delivery at the door. Delivery rival Rappi added the “contactless delivery” option to the app last Monday (16), to minimize the risks of spreading the new coronavirus. IFood also included “delivering without physical contact” to the application.

Uber Positioning
“Our focus is to help slow the spread of coronavirus in our cities. With that in mind, we are suspending the Uber Juntos shared travel category in Brazil. We remain in close contact with the authorities and will continue to work with them to support efforts against the epidemic. “


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