Uber starts video recording tests by drivers in Brazil


The technology company in the transport area Uber announced on Tuesday (23) a new experiment in Brazilian territory. From a complementary resource to the application, drivers from Aracaju, in Sergipe, will be able to record the trips made on video.

The responsible technology is an application called Sentinel, which is installed on the same cell phone used by the driver. The footage also has audio, which has been collected as a security measure since 2020, and is automatic, going from the beginning to the end of the journey.

Passengers who call a car through an application will be advised that the vehicle in question has video recording and can choose to refuse transportation by calling another driver instead. The driver himself can choose not to participate in the testing period.

The recording is stored in the driver’s cell phone in encrypted form, without the driver having access to the content. Sending to the application’s servers takes place via Wi-Fi or mobile network, without personal customer data, and the content is only accessed if there is a security call investigated by Uber or by authorities who request the material.

For now, the tests will be restricted to a group of drivers from Aracaju, but may be expanded to other locations in the near future. The company’s objective is to increase the safety of passengers and drivers, while respecting the privacy of both parties.


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