Uber starts accepting race and delivery payments with PIX


As of this Monday (16), Uber users can now pay for runs and food orders using PIX, a new instant payment system launched by the Central Bank (BC). The tool also starts to work on this date in full, allowing transfers to be made 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

According to the transport app, the new form of payment will be added to your platform through a partnership with fintech EBANX, becoming an alternative for those who do not have a credit card or do not usually use cash payment.

The option to pay Uber with PIX will be integrated into the service’s digital wallet, called Uber Cash. Initially, the novelty will be offered as a payment method for orders via Uber Eats, allowing you to make an instant digital transfer of the required amount from your bank account, to confirm the request.

This payment method will gradually reach the user base of the delivery service over the next few weeks, according to the company. Subsequently, it will be launched for the passenger transport app, on a date yet to be defined by the startup.

User must have joined the PIX in their bank

To use the PIX in Uber Eats, the interested party must have previously registered with the BC’s new electronic payment tool, through their banking institution. Payment for this method can be found on the “Account” button, within the food delivery app.

In the “Payment method” option, the user must tap “Add balance” and then “Single purchase”, selecting the new system. Then, just fill in the required data and, on the next screen, copy the PIX code. The procedure ends in the user’s bank app, where it is necessary to paste the copied code to confirm the transaction.

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