Uber Pass: Understand How The Service Works


Uber Pass: With the proposal to guarantee more savings to users, Uber launched the Uber Pass in Brazil. Available since August 2020, the service package offers several benefits through a monthly subscription.

Check out what Uber Pass is and what the service offers users.

What is the Uber Pass?

Uber Pass is a subscription program that offers a number of benefits across all available Uber services – including Uber Eats and Cornershop. All for a monthly fee of $ 24.99.

Unlike competitors, this is a very comprehensive service package. For example, it is possible to place orders and obtain special discounts at pharmacies, pet shops and other commercial establishments.

Currently, the program is available in Brazilian capitals in the south and southeast and in other selected cities. To find out if it is active in your location, simply access the Uber app and check the option in the menu.