Uber: new feature allows you to take fixed-rate trips per hour


Uber recently announced Uber Hourly, a new feature for scheduling runs of up to an hour with multiple stops for a flat fee of $ 50. The service will be available in cities across the United States starting this Monday (01). With this new feature, the company hopes to allow users to travel more safely during the pandemic.

“It is a flexible option when you need extra time performing tasks, taking a loved one for a medical appointment or doing everyday things,” said the company’s director of racing operations, Niraj Patel.

To hire Uber Hourly, simply select this option in the app. Then, it is necessary to determine the number of hours desired and follow the instructions to complete the reservation. The service allows users to schedule runs of up to seven hours, but the price remains the same: each hour costs $ 50. However, there are some restrictions for the service.

If the total number of trips exceeds the contracted time, there will be an additional charge. However, if the run is faster than expected, the app will not refund the amount for the remaining minutes. In addition, tolls are at the user’s expense.

The application also established that the last trip cannot be destined for an airport. US users will still face yet another restriction: application cars can only run up to 40 miles per hour; if this limit is exceeded, the passenger will have to pay an additional fee.


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