Uber Launches “Priority” Modality In Cities In Brazil


Uber: This Wednesday (14), Uber announced a new travel option for users in Campinas, Curitiba and Belém. The three cities were chosen to test the “Uber Priority”, a service that offers faster time to request a driver available in the region.

If you are a resident of one of these cities and want to test the new service, it’s quite simple: access the company’s application, search for the trip you want to take and choose the “Priority” option. The option’s opening hours are not fixed and depend on city traffic.

Drivers earning more and passengers with priority

The value is a little higher compared to UberX and, for now, the trips are only available in central regions of the cities.

According to Uber, the new modality was created due to the flexibility of measures to combat covid-19, as the trend is for travel requests to increase in the coming months. As it is a more expensive service, Uber’s partner drivers earn high values ​​with the service. However, the company makes it clear that it is up to the partners to accept “Priority” trips or not.

The change comes at a critical time for car sharing services in Brazil. With rising fuel prices, many drivers are canceling races and even leaving the platform.


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