Uber Is Accused Of Excluding 15,000 Drivers Without Prior Notice


Uber: The São Paulo Application Drivers Association (Amasp) denounces that Uber has summarily excluded 15 thousand drivers from the platform, equivalent to 1% of the entire employee base in Brazil.

The company denies the information and claims that 1,600 partners were terminated due to excessive travel cancellation or for fraud purposes, which violates the Community Code. Uber argues that the behavior intentionally impairs its functioning and also affects users and other drivers.

The platform did not detail what is considered an abuse of trip cancellation. However, he gave the example of a driver who, within a month, canceled 10,051 races out of 10,473 that were sent to him.

Uber considers that the drivers are self-employed who provide services intermediated by the platform. However, last Thursday (23), the 4th Region of the Regional Labor Court (TRT) recognized the existence of an employment relationship and ordered the company to pay compensation for an unfair dismissal.

Cost and tariff increase

Due to the effects of the pandemic and the rise in fuel prices, Amasp estimates that around 25% of drivers in the city of São Paulo have given up working on the platform. With fewer cars available, the waiting time for passengers has increased considerably, which has generated several complaints.

To keep drivers, transportation apps such as Uber and 99 increased the remuneration paid to partners in September. UberX trips, the service’s most popular category, had a 35% readjustment in São Paulo, while 99’s remuneration rose between 10 to 25%.

According to the president of Amasp, Eduardo Lima de Souza, the readjustment only took place after there was an increase in the number of races canceled by drivers, but it is still insufficient to contain the rise in costs. According to the National Petroleum Agency (ANP), the average price of gasoline pumps rose 63% between April 2016 and September 2021.


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