Uber Investor Announces Buying Bitcoin at $ 200


Uber investor Jason Calacanis, known for his negative comments about Bitcoin, shared some posts about BTC on social media after the price record seen in Bitcoin. Making a statement on Twitter, Calacanis announced that he bought Bitcoin for $ 200.

Uber investor Calacanis has made negative statements regarding Bitcoin in the past. Calacanis, who was a guest on CNBC’s SquawkAlley program in 2018, stated that Bitcoin is a bubble:

“Bitcoin has lost half of its value in the last 20 days. Another technology is likely to come and replace BTC. ”

The famous investor, who shared after the Bitcoin price, which has exceeded the 20 thousand dollars threshold and reached 24 thousand dollars in recent days, said in a response to a user, “I bought BTC from $ 200 – 800”.


While the famous investor came to the agenda with his comments that Bitcoin will be zero dollars, “Is it a suitable time to buy Bitcoin now?” It caught the attention of users and received answers from many popular names. Most of the users said that it is a good time to buy BTC. Some names made negative comments to the investor due to the criticisms of Calacanis in the past.

Bitcoin could be “global gold”

Jason Calacanis, with his criticism of BTC in 2018, claimed that cryptocurrency could be $ zero. Stating that the probability of Bitcoin becoming zero dollars in 2018 is between 60-70%, the investor said:

“The probability of Bitcoin being zero dollars is around 60-70%. If you have BTC, you need to understand that it is not subject to rules or regulations and that it is a manipulative entity. If you don’t understand this early on, you’re really in bad shape. Because BTC is currently $ 3,731. ”


But while the investor explained the possibility of Bitcoin becoming zero dollars, he also explained that bull cycles affect this possibility. Reminding this comment he made on the decline of Bitcoin from $ 7,000 to $ 3,000 in 2018, Calacanis emphasized that the probability of Bitcoin becoming zero dollars decreased to 35% recently, used the following statements:

“Bitcoin becomes more vulnerable every time it enters a bull cycle without being replaced with a new technology or hacked, and the probability of Bitcoin being zero dollars is halved. If we see a few more bull rallies, Bitcoin could become “global gold.”


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