Uber gives a $ 30 bonus to those who get vaccinated


Uber is donating $ 30 promotional codes to users to get vaccinated against covid-19. So far, the novelty applies only to Belo Horizonte and some municipalities in Pernambuco, but soon the action will be expanded to other regions. In addition, not everyone is entitled to the benefit. The codes, which are delivered by health departments and city halls, are valid only for priority groups and health professionals.

The idea is to facilitate mobility, according to Uber, is to facilitate mobility for these groups. To do so, each promotional code will give free trips to and from the gas stations. “We want to ensure that mobility is no longer an obstacle for anyone who wants to be vaccinated,” says the director general of Uber in Brazil, Claudia Woods. If the amount exceeds the R $ 30 provided, the excess will be charged to the user.

In Pernambuco, the measure is valid for residents of Recife, Olinda, Jaboatão dos Guararapes, Paulista and Camaragibe. Just use the code “VACINAPE” before starting the race. According to Uber, other capitals such as Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre and Salvador will be included in the action soon. The company also closed an agreement with the Central Única das Favelas (Cufa) to distribute discounted travel in vulnerable areas.

How to activate the promotional code?

To activate the discount, just follow the step by step below:

1. Open the application and select the menu (three vertical lines in the upper left corner);

2. Enter the item “Wallet” and scroll to the bottom;

3. In “Promotions”, select the option “Add promotional code” (It will not work as a “voucher”);

4. Enter the code provided.

Incentives for vaccination

In fact, the measure was not only implemented in Brazilian lands, but worldwide. In total, Uber plans to offer 10 million free or discounted trips globally to facilitate the mobility of those who need to be immunized. In addition to the discounts, the company is also using its app to disseminate information about vaccination programs in the country.


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