Uber Flash Moto Arrives Today In São Paulo And 21 Other Cities In Brazil


Uber Flash: This Tuesday (5), Uber launched the service for sending Uber Flash Moto items in the cities of São Paulo, São Bernardo do Campo, Santo André, São Caetano do Sul, Diadema, Guarulhos, Osasco and Santos. Already present in 18 locations in Brazil, such as Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Belo Horizonte (MG) and Goiânia (GO), the service reaches another 22 today.

Launched in Brazil in March of this year, Uber Flash Moto’s main objectives are to support social distancing, serve users who wish to send small items quickly and also offer Uber Eats deliverers a complementary earning option. Motorbike trips are cheaper than Uber Flash deliveries made in cars.

Designed for pandemic times, the modality restricts physical contact, recommending the use of the app’s chat to chat and guide the delivery person. When the user requests the service, both he and the recipient can follow the trip information and the route map, updated in real time.

How to use Uber Flash Moto?

Using Uber Flash Moto is like requesting a UberX trip. But instead of selecting the “Travel” option, you choose the option to send or receive an item. According to Uber, the most sent items so far are: gifts, flowers, food, documents, clothes and keys.

Then just follow the steps below:

Open the Uber app and tap the icon with a package (“Delivery”);
Check that your item is properly packaged and within the limits of weight and dimensions;
Select the option “Send” or “Receive” and add name and phone number of the recipient or sender;
Enter the pickup and delivery address for the item;
Click on “Choose Flash Moto” and confirm the address;
Review the Uber Flash Moto rules and confirm if you agree;
When the partner delivery person arrives, the item must be delivered to him on the sidewalk.


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