Uber Eats: how to use the contactless delivery option

Last week, Uber Eats launched a series of measures to prevent contamination by Covid-19, a disease caused by the new coronavirus. Among the novelties is the “Delivery at the Door” option, so that users can request the “contactless delivery” modality to avoid interactions with couriers. Available from the order page of the application for iPhone (iOS) and Android, the feature is ideal to avoid close contact during the quarantine period.

To test the feature, TechTudo used an iPhone XR, but the tutorial steps also work for smartphones with Android system. In the following lines, check out how to choose delivery without physical contact in Uber Eats. It is worth remembering that the user must indicate, by message in the app, to the delivery person where he wants the food to be left: at his door, inside the elevator, at the building entrance or at another location. Online payment is also preferred to avoid card machines.

Step 1. Open the application and access the search page by touching the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen. You can choose the type of food by tapping on one of the tables suggested by the system. However, if you want to find something specific, tap on the “Search” option;

Step 2. Enter the name of the type of food you want to find to perform your search. Then tap on one of the restaurants found;

Step 3. Tap on one of the restaurant dishes to start the screen that organizes the order. Set the required side dishes and options for your dish, then press the “Add 1 to cart” button;

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Step 4. Tap on the message “View cart” at the bottom of the screen to check all the information about your order. At that moment, tap on the option “Leave at the door” in the “Delivery type” area. It is between the options “hand delivery” and “find on the sidewalk”;

Step 5. Agree to the terms of this delivery method to proceed. In the next window, leave a message to deliver it about how it should act during delivery;

Step 6. Check the data on the delivery, the delivery fee and the total value of the order. Once this is done, press the “Place order for delivery” button.

Take advantage of the tip to order food, drinks or snacks avoiding close contact with the delivery person.



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