Uber Eats Unveils Most Requested (and Curious) Items of 2021


Uber Eats: This Thursday (16) Uber Eats released which were the most requested items on the platform in 2021, as well as other curiosities about how and what Brazilians have been consuming. The list includes the favorite dishes, the most consumed market items, common behaviors, among other curiosities.

Following the trend of retrospectives, the delivery company brought interesting data that are worth thinking about. For example, this year alone, 12,544 requests were accompanied by the message “happy birthday” — a practice that became very useful during the covid-19 pandemic, where distance is no longer an obstacle when we want to please someone.

With the home-office, users started to ‘Friday’ at home and advance happy hour hours. According to the data collected, the most common time to order meals on Friday is at 8 pm, while it has become more common to buy beer before lunch — where the long neck was the most popular order in the app.

Another peak time is on Fridays at 11 am, where users prefer to shop at the market. The most purchased items were silver banana and dwarf, followed by onion, cola soda, sliced ​​mozzarella cheese and bleach. Interestingly, the traditional rice and beans do not appear in the top 10.

As for meals, users are betting on classics: Brazilian, Italian and Japanese food were the most requested in 2021. A highlight is the 15 cm snack from Subway, being the most requested meal of the year.

Some very distinct behaviors also drew attention in hindsight. A user paid the largest bonus to a partner delivery, in the amount of $ 97, and the largest amount spent on a market purchase, at a cost of $ 2090.