Uber drivers denounce ‘unmasked’ users to cancel race


A safety procedure adopted by Uber to protect its passengers – the requirement that users take a selfie to prove the use of masks – has been used by some drivers to embarrass users and refuse unwanted races.

Denounced on Tuesday (10) by Tilt, the attitude involves the misuse of a rule adopted by the transport service provider that determines that its drivers report passengers who are without the mask or wearing it incorrectly.

In this case, drivers ask the user to take a selfie when requesting the next race in the app. The procedure was already adopted, only for drivers, since last May, both by Uber and its competitor 99.

Passenger embarrassment

A pharmacy attendant told Tilt that, when she needed to follow the new mask check rule, she realized that she had been reported by a driver on the previous trip who wanted her to cancel the race even before she reached her destination.

As she refused, she was reported and received an email from the company saying that she had entered the car without a mask, a fact she denies.

The same happened with a photographer who asked the driver to open the car windows. The driver, irritated, refused to accept the order, canceled the race in advance and, when the passenger requested a new vehicle, the message asking for a selfie appeared.

What drivers and Uber say

Drivers heard by Tilt report that, although the measure is effective, it ends up proving to be harmless, because, even with the proof, the user takes off the mask immediately or lowers it and leaves it on the chin.

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Sought by the report, Uber did not comment specifically on the misuse of facial recognition, stating that the measure aims to make the platform increasingly secure, and that unwanted driver behaviors can be reported through the app menu or the company’s website.


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