Uber buys starter taxis to profit from Britain


Since it started operating, Uber has raised discussions between users and governments. In Brazil, it seems that the moment is of a certain calm, mainly with the need arising from the measures of social distance. However, many countries continue to seek legislation on the service, which in London is prohibited.

In the capital of England, the transit of company cars is prohibited, and that is why the start-up is trying to find a way not to be so limited in such an important market. It is buying Autocab, so it will be able to operate almost all UK territories.

Autocab is a rival to Uber, but focused on software for taxi rentals. With the acquisition, which has not yet been fully detailed, Uber will be able to use its main service in 40 regions of the UK where it already operates, while adding 130 new cities in which the taxi service is already largely regularized.

So, even if it faces problems in making its own cars available, the company now has a platform that is already widely disseminated in the United Kingdom, even if it needs to operate a category with which ubers have always had friction: taxis.

The start-up, however, stresses that it will not give up on removing restrictions for its main service. Currently, she is appealing in court for her cars to return to London.

Remember, Uber Juntos is suspended in Brazil due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, but the start-up put on the air in Rio de Janeiro the Uber Promo, which offers cheaper races for those who want to travel at alternative times (outside peak).

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