Uber bus owners protest in São Paulo against restriction


Owners of shared bus travel platforms, such as Buser and 4Bus, are demonstrating on the streets of São Paulo today from 11 am due to the decision by the São Paulo State Transport Agency (Artesp) to prohibit the sale of tickets only for stretches of the route. The protest will end in front of the Palácio dos Bandeirantes, seat of the state government.

The resolution would make the so-called “bus Uber” impossible, the success of which was due to the possibility for passengers to assemble their own itinerary. The system has advantages both for the user, who saves up to 60% on the trip, and for the company, which optimizes resources and costs.

“The measures treat companies as if they are clandestine, which is not true. In addition, the sale of the closed circuit [round trip only] causes idleness of up to 30% of seats. It is a loss of revenue that makes the operation unfeasible ”, the CEO of Buser, Marcelo Abritta, told Exame magazine.

Fierce competition

Businessmen are also going to organize a motorcade to Brasília to pressure the National Land Transport Agency (ANTT) to modernize the sector’s regulation, both for intercity and interstate travel.

Since they appeared, shared bus travel platforms have faced resistance from the industry, which claims the service is nothing more than bus charter. This is Artesp’s argument, which recalls that a public discussion about the “closed circuit” is open until November 9: “This is the time to present proposals and solutions”, the agency said in a statement.

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In less than a year, in at least seven states the operation of the platforms was subject to the overturning of injunctions, which claimed that the transportation of passengers between cities was a public service, delivered to companies in the sector under rules of Brazilian law and ANTT determination.


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