Uber Announces Construction of New Headquarters in Osasco, São Paulo


Uber: In a meeting with more than a thousand employees, Uber announced this Monday (31) the project to build the Uber Campus, the company’s new headquarters in Brazil — with a forecast of 12 thousand square meters of built area and another 18 thousand of green area in Osasco, São Paulo. According to the company, the objective is to offer more space and quality of life to professionals.

The site, three times the size of the current office, will include the first Uber Technology Center in Latin America, as well as meeting rooms, restaurant, cafeteria, gym, nursing room and areas for yoga, stretching and meditation, in addition to pet friendly “to receive the pet puppies”, he stresses.

“We know that the world will not be the same after the pandemic, which also impacts the way we relate to work. Because of that, we reevaluated our model and rethought our space to foster collaboration, taking into account the current moment and the potential growth of our operation in Brazil”, says the general director of Uber for Latin America, George Gordon.

new habits

According to the company, the Uber Campus is in line with its new work policy announced globally in April — a hybrid model, in which the return to the office will be gradual and employees and collaborators will no longer need to work in person every day, only three per week.

“After so long working almost entirely remotely, the space that will receive our employees must also reflect the new habits that were incorporated into our lives during this period”, highlights Gordon.

“We only need to connect to a cell phone or notebook to get to work, so the physical space becomes a place that favors coexistence”, completes the executive. The opening is expected in 2022.