Uber and Lyft team up against fired drivers


Uber made an interesting announcement. The company is entering into a strategic partnership with its longtime rival Lyft, which offers a similar taxi service. The two companies join forces against the drivers who were fired from the platform.

Uber and Lyft to create a common database

The two companies made a joint announcement yesterday. Having agreed with HireRight, a research firm, Uber and Lyft will create a joint database. The goal of the partnership will be to prevent a driver who has been fired from one platform for serious crimes from being hired on the other. This system specifically targets drivers with past sexual and physical assault crimes.

The program starts first in the USA. However, over time, it will spread to other countries and will be open to new companies. Any company will be able to participate, provided that they do not violate their data security policies. Uber and Lyft officials made a joint statement on the issue. Authorities said, “Whichever platform you choose, the important thing is to be safe. We invite more companies to be a part of this project. ” said.

Drivers who do business with platforms such as Uber and Lyft work with independent contracts. HireRight will receive information from former and current employees from both companies. The database created with this information will enable the detection of drivers that do not comply with industry standards. In fact, no company hires drivers with sexual assault crimes. However, because many people who experience this bad experience hesitate to contact the police, criminals can work without getting caught. We hope the application helps solve this problem.


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