Uber, 99 and Rappi: can charge for funding


At 99, Rappi and Uber may be about to make yet another mandatory contribution to drivers and service deliverers. This is because a bill foresees the creation of a fee, which would be collected based on the revenue from deliveries, to give even greater support to these “employees” of the applications.

During the pandemic caused by Covid-19, the main companies responsible for delivery services in the country, Uber, 99 and Rappi, did their best to ensure that their employees were assisted and protected from anything during the work period, something that was multiplied in this period.

According to the project presented at the Chamber of Deputies by Delegate Pablo (PSL-AM), a rate of 3% would be applied based on the “revenue from intermediation operations”, where the amount would be collected monthly and redistributed to employees.

“For this reason, considering especially the recent events related to the COVID-19 pandemic, we present this Bill, which creates an intervention contribution in the economic domain aimed at reallocating part of the activity risks not covered by the Social Security system, due by companies that provide intermediation services through applications ”, said the deputy.
Bill 3968/2020 is still under review, so that, if it passes, it will be released for voting. If the approval is carried out in the Senate, then only the president’s sanction or veto will be needed to know whether drivers will have access to this benefit or not.


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