U1 chip detail unnoticed for Apple Watch Series 6


Apple added a new feature to the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models, which it released in September 2019, without any mention during the promotion. Now he repeated the same with the Apple Watch Series 6.

The feature in question is Apple’s ultra-wideband locator chip called U1. In this way, it is possible for devices to find each other or other devices using the same technology. It will also be possible to unlock the house or car without removing the iPhone from the pocket.

Mention of this feature is striking in an image that Apple displayed on the screen in summary of the Watch Series 6 features during the presentation last night.

In a specification comparison on Apple’s US page for Apple Watch, we see that the Series 6 will have the U1 chip, while the new Apple Watch SE will not have the component in question. There is no U1 chip in the Series 5, and even in the 2020 iPhone SE.

We don’t know when Apple will make meaningful use of the U1 chip. It was stated that this chip would be useful when sharing files with AirDrop between iPhone 11 series devices, and that it could be easily found by simply turning the device towards the device to be shared. Apple aims to unlock cars that are not too far away and start the car. However, no cooperation with any automaker has been announced yet. The first applications of the Digital Key idea are based on bringing the NFC-enabled device to the car.

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It is also thought that the U1 chip will help find missing items. Apple recently opened the Find network, extending an olive branch to companies that sell GPS and Bluetooth-enabled trackers. It is also expected to release a device called AirTag, a Tile-like item tracking device. By attaching this tracker to your bag, key ring or wallet, you can easily find them on the iPhone or Apple Watch with U1 chip.


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