U.S. Senate Introduces “Unwanted Fees Prevention Act” Aimed at Excessive and Unnecessary Fees


Two U.S. senators are introducing the “Unwanted Fees Prevention Act” to eliminate unnecessary fees associated with the complex checkout process.

U.S. Senators Richard Blumenthal (Democrat from Connecticut) and Sheldon Whitehouse (Democrat from Rhode Island) introduced a law designed to eliminate “excessive fees and ensure market transparency, since hidden fees cost Americans billions of dollars annually.”

“Hidden unexpected payments — nickel and distraction of Americans’ attention — must be stopped,” Senator Blumenthal adds. “Air travel, concerts, ordinary purchases — it would seem almost everywhere — consumers are forced to pay hidden excessive fees. Our bill will help put an end to price gouging by requiring full disclosure in advance and limiting illegal fees. This will require basic fairness and transparency based on common sense, which consumers rightly demand and deserve.”

This step was taken after President Biden called on Congress to pass a law on the abolition of fees for garbage for consumers. The Law on the Prevention of Unwanted Fees is a direct response to this call to action and requires that the full cost of the service be displayed in advance to prevent excessive fees and ensure transparency. It will also authorize the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Communications Commission to issue new rules and take action against violations.”

“Business models that rely on nickel-and-diming consumers are fundamentally unfair,” adds John Breyo, vice president of the National Consumer League for public policy, telecommunications and fraud. “Hidden unnecessary payments also damage honest business by making their competitors’ products and services deceptively cheaper. The law on the prevention of unwanted payments is a long overdue solution that will help consumers keep more money in their pockets and will promote competition in the market.”

“Garbage collections can lead to a lot of extra money and become a real financial burden for families at a time when inflation is already severely emptying their wallets,” adds Chuck Bell, director of Consumer Reports’ advocacy program. In the world of concerts, even artists’ attempts to keep prices low have been ignored. The Cure kept ticket prices outside of Ticketmaster’s dynamic pricing model, but the cost of tickets was 100% of the advertised cost after various Ticketmaster commissions.


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