U.S. Loss Control in Coronavirus: Number of Cases Exceed 100,000


The USA is struggling with coronavirus throughout the country, especially New York. With the latest information announced, the number of infected people in the country has exceeded 100 thousand.

The coronavirus (Covid-19), which first started in Wuhan, China and then shifted its acceleration to Europe, determined its new center point as the USA. The increasing number of infected people throughout the country, especially New York, has exceeded 100 thousand with the official announcement made today.

According to the information published by the Worlometer site, which simultaneously transfers the countries and regions where Covid-19 is seen, the person caught the Covid-19 virus has reached 100,037 throughout the USA. The number of people who died from the virus increased by 490 to 1536. Among the countries that the epidemic hit the most, Italy comes with 85.498 cases after the USA and China with 81.340 cases.

New York Out of Control
The epicenter of the virus out of control in the USA is New York. New York, one of the most famous states in the USA, detected coronavirus in 44,810 people in the tests. New York follows 8,825 with New Jersey, while 4,459 follows California. Although it is a single state in New York, it seems to be out of control with more infected people than any country except Italy, China, Spain and Germany. The number of deaths in New York, where a lot of people were infected, was announced as 519.

Growth Continues in Turkey
Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said in the statement he made today that the total number of people who had positive coronavirus test reached 5698 and the number of citizens who lost their lives was 92. At this point the new measures in the area Turkey took the decision to stop allowing outside intercity transportation.


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